Our Process


  • Give guidance and support regarding the classification of insurance in accordance with accounting rules. IFRS17 in a reasonable and customer-friendly manner.
  • According to IFRS17, provide PAA eligibility and Onerous Testing.
  • Prepare reasonable and legal calculations and analyses of the IFRS17 accounting standard’s underlying assumptions.
  • By selecting a model that fits the context of the various items, the outcomes were determined in compliance with the IFRS17 accounting standard of clients (support both PAA and GMM models).


  • Analyze the procedure and manner used to store data for usage in general ledger and financial report.
  • IFRS 17 accounting standards should be used to evaluate the company’s expense allocation approach.


System enhancement & interfaces IFRS 17 software features can facilitate a faster implementation of IFRS 17 by accelerating data preparation, methodology and accounting policy choices. It provides easy access to illustrative analysis, impact studies and sensitivity tests